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Designed for banding loose banknotes normally 100 pieces.
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  • Banding fully corresponds to international standards of central banks
  • The technology allows to save the time
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty
  • Compact
  • No need for manual banding
  • Strong banknotes banding
  • You can enter 8 operators into system


This unit is designed for easy, fast and secure principles. Qualities that distinguishes this machine from others is automatical money pusher and print on a roll. It’s the unique machine in the world with such opportunities.

Features for SMB 95

BANDING SIZE Banknote package size (up to 200 banknotes)
Height 60 - 90 mm
Width 25 mm
Length 90 mm or more
BANDING TAPE PE – coated paper
Width 40 mm
Reel inner diameter 50 mm
BANDING SPEED 15 banding cycles per minute or more
POWER DC 24 V max : 80 W (2 motors and heater on)
Standby 5 W (all off ) / 30 W (heater on)
External AC / DC – adapter in delivery included
NOISE LEVEL less than 42 dB (A)
WEIGHT 11 kg (without paper reel)
DIMENSIONS length x width x height 400 x 112 x 245 mm
PRINTER CARTIGE HP 51645 A (42 ml)

BPS C5 On the Fast Track – with Maximum Efficiency

The BPS® C5 has been developed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized cash centres and count rooms, as well as back offices within large bank branches. In all these areas, ever-increasing competitive and price pressures necessitate streamlined processes, increased productivity, and reduced costs, not to mention a high level of flexibility to adapt to future requirements. The solution from G+D is a modular, scalable system that fulfils all process requirements with the greatest reliability, efficiency, and user-friendliness. High nominal throughput of up to 63,000 banknotes per hour, an exceptionally flexible modular concept (with up to 25 output stackers), state-of-the-art framework-compliant sensors, and a multitude of software options combine to offer significant competitive advantages.

The BPS C1 counts and authenticates banknotes and sorts them by denomination, series and orientation depending on the operation mode selected. In addition, it offers multi-currency processing for up to ten currencies, fitness sorting and reading of serial numbers and Ticket processing (TITO). The processing speed of up to 1,300 banknotes per minute ensures low processing costs with highly reliable authenticity verification - a clear advantage for cash centres of all sizes.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Highly flexible configuration with up to 6 Standard Delivery Modules (SDM) with 4 output stackers each. Existing machines can be easily upgraded on-site.
  • Very simple, intuitive, and easy to use featuring a touchscreen with a freely positional graphical user interface
  • Nominal throughput of up to 63,000 banknotes per hour in all operation modes.
  • State-of-the-art sensors developed specifically to meet the requirements of commercial users: Fast, reliable, precise.
  • Platform concept enables increased efficiency for training and operation, updates/upgrades, and service, as well as in relation to integration.
  • Service support: Remote access for updates, upgrades, monitoring and diagnosis

Modules & Services

Tailored for operational efficiency
Up to 6 delivery modules, up to 25 output stackers and up to 50 processing modes are available for each installed currency along with numerous software options. The BPS® C5 can be precisely customized to meet your specific process requirements.

The BPS C1 can be optionally extended for example for processing checks, processing of mixed currencies, and for reading tickets (TITO) in casinos. Serial number scanning including printing to an external printer (optional) and subsequent data processing can be integrated, as can – of course – the processing and sorting of banknotes by fitness for circulation.

Software, Service and Consultancy

The system is also ready to leverage all the advantages that connectivity can provide. Used in conjunction with cash management software such as Compass VMS® or with elements of the BPS® Ecosystem (a remote service connection for example), the entire operation becomes more transparent, secure, and efficient. In addition, our needs-oriented consulting team and our experienced service experts ensure that you will benefit from full productivity and smooth operation – for the entire lifecycle of your system.

BPS C2: Maximum Performance in a Compact Design

Outstanding productivity, exceptional user-friendliness, maximum security, and cutting-edge future-proof technology. Do you need all four in a single package? The BPS C2 does the job. It is part of the latest generation of high-performance table-top systems which are ideal for counting small to medium quantities of banknotes, checking their authenticity, and sorting them.

The BPS C2 links throughput with precision, at maximum productivity: the system sorts at a consistently high speed of 1,050 banknotes per minute, checking the authenticity of banknotes, and can read serial numbers if required. All this is thanks to the best sensors of their class, which detect the banknotes’ denomination, orientation, and fitness for circulation just as precisely and reliably as they recognize potential counterfeits. The BPS C2 always meets the latest requirements of banknote processing, and can be easily and intuitively controlled thanks to the intelligent design of the machine and

its user interface. The work steps required to operate the machine can be reduced to a minimum. Versatile and secure interfaces also allow easy, seamless networking of the system with customized environments, cutting-edge tools, and applications, as well as web services in the cash management process. The BPS C2 is therefore ideal for commercial banks, cash-in-transit companies and casinos that want to redesign their cash processing activities to make them much more efficient, secure, and flexible.

Benefits at a glance

  • Greater productivity – thanks to various features including a constantly high throughput of 1,050 banknotes per minute, regardless of the application
  • Greater ease of use – with smart design and intuitive, straightforward operation
  • Greater security – with top-quality sensors: high-precision, quick and reliable
  • Greater future viabilitiy – with numerous interfaces for networking with cutting-edge tools, applications, and web services

Wide range of sorting options

With two output stackers and a reject compartment, the BPS C2 is absolutely ideal for quick, continuous, and reliable counting, whilst providing a broad selection of sorting options.

German Design Award Winner

A perfect combination of engineering, aesthetics and ergonomics.

The BPS C2 won the German Design Award 2018 for its excellent product design and unparalleled user-friendliness.

Numeron: Compact Versatility

More than 20,000 Numeron systems have been put into operation over recent years, in over 100 countries – in cash centers, casinos, and in back offices of bank branches. The Numeron, robust and durable in equal measure, processes 1,200 banknotes per minute, including different substrates (paper, hybrid or polymer) – with consistently high quality.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Fast sorting and accounting of mixed deposits with 2 accounting and 1 reject stacker
  • More than 100 currency adaptations are available
  • Individual configuration and seamless integration into established workflows
  • Parallel processing of up to 5 different currencies on one machine
  • Processing of up to 1,200 banknotes per minute

Efficient, Secure and Compact

Commercial banks, cash-in-transit companies, casinos, and retailers can use the Numeron to achieve efficient and secure cash processing. Numeron offers great flexibility and can be supplemented with additional options, meaning it can be adapted to individual requirements while remaining very compact. There are two variants available – Numeron F for up to three fitness categories ( ATM-FIT/FIT/UNFIT) and Numeron TU with a high-security sensor for best-in-class authentication of USD banknotes

Ease of Use

Our patented opening concept ensures easy access to the system, so it can be cleaned and maintained. Two sorting stackers and one reject compartment are available for suspect, damaged, or not recognized banknotes. Our sensor CashRay 180 provides proven authentication, while the control panel PMI lets you select or customize 40 different processing modes. The PMI control panel enables sorting processes (e.g. by denomination, orientation, or fitness sorting) to be performed, as well as tandem processing for rapid counting of deposits. Self-detecting, smart sorting modes that do not require ongoing user action ensure even more efficient use.

Integration Made Easy

The Numeron can be seamlessly integrated via a LAN interface with legacy management systems such as G+D Currency Technology's cash management systems like Compass VMS or BPS Connect Casino. The Numeron can be integrated with video surveillance systems to inseparably link the Numeron's accounting data with the video surveillance streams.


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