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Taurus TP-601D

TP-60iD is an enhanced automatic strapping machine for PP strapping. With the value-added features, Tauris TP-60ID is the most powerful machine with the best price to performance ration in its category fo general applications.

Main Features

  1. Fully automatic: strap the banknote packets with Double-Cross strapping simultaneously.
  2. 3 Strapping Modes: select the best mode according to different needs
  3. Mode 1, strap banknotes one long band onlyMode 2, strap banknotes two short bands only.Mode 3, strap banknotes 3 bands at the same time.Double-Cross strapping ensures there is no space to take out banknotes.
  4. Strapping with pressure: strap banknotes under 500-1500kg adjusting pressure. It ensures the strapped bundle is very tight and orderly, more secure for banknote bundles storage and transit.
  5. Pre-press function: patent design for old banknotes strapping.
  6. External belt Box: easy to install the belt. 
  7. Environmental protection: adopt patented “No-contact Heating” technology, no bad smell and no smog.
  8. LCD display: clearly show operation process and troubleshooting indication.
  9. Safety device: protecting-shutter ensures user’s safety.


Item Parameter
Power Supply 220V, 50HZ
Average Power <190W
Strapping Speed <18s
Strapping Pressure 500-1500kg
Strapping Belt Width 12mm
Dimension 490x625x1120mm
N.W. 115KG


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