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Cash Box

Used to store and transit cash.

Different with cloth or metal cash box in the market, the new cash box is made of special material, Polycarbonate.

Advantages for the cash box are as follows:

  • Fire Resistant: endure high temperature or fire without burning or distortion.
  • Super strong: 4 times strength than normal stainless cash box. Endure hammering without damage and distortion, ensure banknote’s safety.
  • Good fatigue resistance: 1.5 times fatigue resistance than stainless steel, long service life.
  • Light weight: 1/4 weight of same thickness steel, more convenient for handling and transit.
  • Nonmetallic material successfully avoids electron screening effect, convenient for electronic management.
  • Series of cash boxes with various sizes and capacity, more convenient for management.



Bundle Capacity

Specification (cm)

SA-HT1-S1 1 18x12x10
SA-HT3-S1 3 28x20x13
SA-HT6-S2 6 36x30x14
SA-HT8-S2 8 36x30x18
SA-HT10-G2 10 47x37x14
SA-HT12-S2 12 43x36x18
SA-HT14-S2 14 45x28x24
SA-HT16-G2 16 47x37x18
SA-HT18-S2 18 47x37x22
SA-HT20-G2 20 51x37x22
SA-HT24-G2 24 47x37x26
SA-HT32-G2 32 47x37x34
SA-HT45-S2 45 50x38x52
Cash Cart-S2 45 50x38x52


1 bundle=10 packets of 100 pieces banknotes


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