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Applications of the BPS C4 are diverse, since the system is designed for an extensive range of substrates: paper and polymer as well as freshly printed, heavily soiled or damaged deposits. It can be used all around the world processing banknotes as well as tickets in casinos.

It is modular and scalable and can therefore be perfectly adapted to suit any processing requirement. The 3 stackers in each large delivery module (LDM) can hold up to 500 banknotes. This offers a great advantage for filling ATM cassettes as well as collecting and sorting denominations in high volumes.

Just one pass and usually only one operator is needed for each sorting procedure. Up to 20 stackers with variable configurations allow a variety of processing tasks at a speed of up to twelve banknotes per second (up to 43,000 banknotes per hour).

ts operation is innovative, smart and intuitive; a touch screen supports the operator at all times and in every situation.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Flexibility of a modular, scalable system with up to 20 stackers that can be easily adapted to suit different types of processing. Up to 100 individually configurable operation modes are supported.
  • High throughput of up to 43,000 banknotes per hour, with only one pass required for different sorting processes.
  • Top-level security with full-face scanning of both sides of each banknote makes for an excellent degree of authentication and fitness detection, as well as reliable counting and sorting results.
  • High quality results in a long service life and robust technology to ensure outstanding returns – even in challenging operating conditions.

State-of-the-Art Sensor System

The heart of the BPS C4 is its high-tech sensor system. A sensor block fulfills all basic functions such as counting, denomination identification and authentication. Depending on requirements, additional functions can also be added such as soil/stain detection for fitness sorting or for the particularly secure authenticity verification of US banknotes.

Ergonomic Design

Fatigue-free operation thanks to the compact arrangement of the singler, reject and sorting compartments. With a height-adjustable table, the working height can be individually adapted to the body size of the user.

Modules & Services More Efficient and Transparent Cash Centers

The BPS C4 can be seamlessly integrated into existing vault management systems, for example cash management software such as Compass VMS, and BPS Connect or BPS Connect Casino via a LAN interface.


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